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Coleen Lochabay


Happy New Year!

newberry logo

Well, that was a fast break! As usual, another year gone, and 2 things crossed off my 1,000-things-to-do list! LOL!

Anyway, I really did get a lot done over break. But I am feverishly trying to get my video finished. It is coming out pretty good, but the time-suck is when you have to stop for a week and take an online rigging class to figure out how to make your idea work. And who knows if I'm even using Duik right-hahaha!!

So, get ready for a whirlwind 5 months...12 credits, freelancing, two online motion-grapics courses, packing up everything I own and a partridge in a pear tree. Happy New Year everyone...make it a good one!


In the books...

newberry logo

Another semester is in the books. It went by so fast, it always seems like there's never enough time to do everything that's taking up space in your head.

Internship was great, and I already miss it, lol! But, I will be helping them out prn next semester, so I hope to gain more experience. They are such a great and talented group of people.

So, my semester projects turned out ok...I finished the Euchre (sans new photos), and I really need to go back and redesign my Newberry website. I'm kind of embarrassed of my effort on that one. But, I just have to make time to learn more coding.

Up next semester...I'm taking two online animation classes to help learn more mograph, freelancing, and have to think up an idea to make a longer length animation and another print project...maybe a restaurant using my Bangkok logo...I struggle between making something to stretch out my portfolio, or making something that's fun for me but still appeals to other people. Hmm...ideas welcome, lol.


Busy as a (Locha) Bee!

beaver illustration

Geez, four weeks are gone already! But between class and internship, time flies but it's going good! And to top it all off...I'm thinking about taking a second bootcamp...I'm CRAZY! But, there is so much I want to learn about Motion Graphics. Hmmm...

So, I'm working on a branding project...I'm illustrating a Euchre card game with a vintage Lumberjack Camp the little Beaver above is one of the characters you will see in the game...this project will take a lot of time, but it will be worth it in the end.

And I'm still working on the website redesign and an app that is baseball theme...oh and working on another video...I really hope the video comes together because I love the is fun but promotional at the same time! Whee...guess I better stay up late tonight, lol! If you're bored at midnight, hit me up! Heh! Happy Designing!


Week One Done

clay jesus

My head is so full of things to do it could explode, lol...but it was a great week! Oh summertime naps, how I miss you already! But...with only one week down, there is already SO much to do. Internship is great. It is such a busy place and there is always so much to do and learn. I chose my projects for the semester, and I'm excited to start laying them out. But tomorrow is partially dedicated to catching up in bootcamp a little so I can get some much needed feedback. I also can't wait to start illustrating the characters that will star in this year's video attempt...I think it will be fun (and funny, I hope).

For one of my projects (branding), I am also going to show off a little woodcarving for one part of my project, so I will document that here so if you want to follow the process, you can! So, Happy First Week Cohort...15 more to go!

Pictured is Clay Taxi Jesus (named for the Fimo he is made out of), one of the rejected concepts from my David Sedaris book cover project. Clay Taxi Jesus crosses his fingers for you because, let's face it, you have a fifty/fifty chance, smokes because, well, Fimo cigarettes are just awesome, and the mouse...well, it's just one big rat race down here.


Countdown to Year 2!

Target Zero TRISS logo

12 days until it all begins again...late night Skype sessions, trying to make our code work (yay, it works...type, type, type...wait, what? What happened? Noooo!! LOL! But, I can't wait to see what this year brings! Still working on animation bootcamp (that's kicking my butt, but I'm learning a lot...even if it's the hard way)! Anyway, here's a picture of the characters I designed for the Target Zero and TRISS 10 program! (**Note: Yes, I know not to outline text, lol...but this was used to create enamel pins to give out to employees to wear, and it requires outlines for the enamel fill)! Here's to Year 2...bring it on!


Rough Draft...

peds logo

I finished this logo today for the local hospital PICU ward. They wanted a logo to represent the military kids that they could put on their lab coats for the doctors, but we're also thinking about making this into coloring books and a mini-campaign to focus on what kids "can" do, regardless of their medical conditions. This logo was formatted for embroidery, but I'm doing another with more shading and strokes.


What's Happening...

Summer break is flying come Army boot camp never went by this fast?! Lol...anyway, I'm now taking an Animation bootcamp and it's great/stressful/fun, but I'm learning a lot about how to make my work and ideas better. And, I still have about 5 projects left to do in less than 5 weeks...I can do it, lol! Anyway, still working out bugs and adding content...ttyl!


Up and Running

So, it has a few bugs. So, it won't win any awards...but welcome to my portfolio website and blog. I will entertain with bits of info here and there...and hope you like it. And I apologize for the horrible mobile view for the time's on the to-do list!

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