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Company: Newberry Playing Card Company

Newberry Playing Card Co. is a playing card company that specializes in turning ordinary card games into a unique experience.

Newberry is a real place, and the game is based on a Northern card game called Euchre, and is themed around the era of lumber and hunting camps.

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Primary Logo

The primary logo is based on a hand-held gas lantern, commonly used at deer camp, and it also incorporates the suits of the deck in its’ shape (heart, spade, club and diamond), shown in copper outline.

The gas lantern logo is lit with a log slice flame, to tie into the logging camp theme.

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Secondary Logos

In addition to the primary gas lantern logo, I also created two secondary logos. The first is the Newberry ‘N’.

Another secondary logo (also is used as a pattern) is the Railroad Crossing logo, which bears the initials of the Newberry Playing Card Co.

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Game box

The game box was handmade of wood, and the sides have paper wrappers, illustrated with lumbercamp scenes and the logo.

The packaging uses a black, gray and white color scheme, with accents of copper foil. The scoring pad and game pieces I handcarved from wood, and distressed to fit the theme of the card game.

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Cards, Rulebook and Map

I made playing cards are round as a nod to the shape of a cut log, and used wood grain paper on the front. The front of the cards also have metallic foil accent, and the main gas lantern Newberry logo. The back of the cards are all hand-illustrated with the characters of Newberry.

Included in the game box is a rulebook and map. The rulebook is designed to keep with the vintage camp feel. The cover uses a paper that has embossed wood grain, also accented with copper foil. The map is hand-illustrated to give players a vision of Newberry Hunting and Lumber Camp. Newberry is a real place, and this map invites you to step back in time and meet the people and characters that make up Newberry.

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