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Newberry Lumber and Hunting Camp

Nestled 5 miles back into the woods, deep in logging country, lies Newberry.

Memories of Days Gone By

To a place where there's no electricity, no running water, and playing cards by lantern light.

Every Card Tells a Story

Each character and critter is illustrated to tell the story of life in the woods.

A Game for All Ages

It's a right of passage learning to play Euchre...make it your new family tradtion!

The Cards of

It's a forest of cards filled with great characters! Meet the players of Euchre!

How to Play

Download our app or a printable guide to the rules of Euchre!

Contact Newberry Playing Card Co

Please feel free to contact us with question, comments or share your experience playing our Euchre Game. Thank you for your support!